Transport of fresh fish and seafood without water leakage, water drainage at the back of the container

The Isotec® TBX Seafood

The TBX Seafood is the perfect solution for transporting fresh fish and seafood with a secure cold chain. Benefit from our transport container and ship your goods in perfect quality!

The GEBHARDT thermo container Isotec® TBX Seafood

Our insulated container is particularly suitable for the transport of fresh fish and is used especially when perishable and temperature-sensitive goods are transported. The special inner tray of the TBX Seafood with a drip water collection option and a separate water drain at the back of the container, make the Thermocontainer indispensable in your logistics. Use the advantages of the transport container for your logistics processes and avoid leaking liquids during transport.

Deliver fresh fish and seafood at the highest quality and transport your goods with a secure cold chain up to 24h. With the TBX Seafood we give you our promise of freshness!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Secure cold chain
  • For fresh fish and seafood
  • Special tray against leakage of liquids during transport
  • Integrated drain for melt water
  • For use in cold logistics
  • Secure and stable transport of fish and frozen goods
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Easy cleaning
  • ATP and HACCP certified transportation of food

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Transport with a safe cold chain - For a consistently high quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers

A break in the cold chain would be fatal when transporting fish or any type of perishable product! With the use of the TBX Seafood, optionally also with eutectic plates, you can rely on a secure cold chain of up to 24 hours. This is how you ensure the consistently high quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers.

  • Container for transporting fish and seafood
  • Secure cold chain of up to 24 hours

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TBX 1000 with integrated special tray

Transportation of fresh fish and seafood requires the use of ice. In order not to spill melt water during transport we have a special tray in use that collects liquids safely inside the container. The inner tray provides a collection volume of 24 liters and counteracts unwanted spillage of liquids during transport. Another plus of the container is an easy and hygienic cleaning possibility and an integrated drain for melt water at the rear of the container.

  • Special tray to prevent leaking liquids
  • Inner tub with a collection volume of 24 liters of melt water
  • Simple, hygienic cleaning
  • Melt water drainage at the rear of the tank

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Stainless steel tray as accessory for TBX 725/795

For our smaller TBX Seafood containers (725&795 litres) we offer the possibility of inserting a stainless steel tray into the container in order to be able to collect leaking liquids during transport. With the help of this tray, 18 litres of liquid can be collected. The use of an additional stainless steel tray in conjunction with our smaller standard TBX formats has the advantage that you can use existing thermal containers flexibly in your logistics processes depending on the load.

  • Stainless steel tray for escaping liquids during transport
  • Available as accessory for sizes 725 and 795 of our thermo containers
  • Volume of the stainless steel tray: 18 litres

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TBX Payload Volume Internal dimensions External Dimensions
1000 500 kg 930 + 24 Liter 611 x 1025 x 1464 mm 797 x 1200 x 1944 mm
795 500 kg 775 + 18 Liter 604 x 811 x 1.530 mm 757 x 948 x 1.936,5 mm
725 500 kg 705 + 18 Liter 604 x 809 x 1.357 mm 757 x 948 x 1.733 mm

TBX Seafood also possible on a pallet

The container is equipped with rollers as standard, but can also be delivered on a metal pallet (similar to our TBX) on request.

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