Thermal containers for use in food logistics for the transport of fresh and frozen goods

Isotec® TBX insulated containers

Do you need to transport goods at a constant temperature without breaking a secure cold chain during transportation? The Isotec® TBX insulated container from GEBHARDT is your guarantee of freshness!

GEBHARDT Isotec® TBX insulated containers

The Isotec® TBX insulated container from GEBHARDT is a high-quality, durable product for temperature-controlled transportation in logistics. This load carrier, which is manufactured to extremely high quality standards, makes refrigerated transportation of your temperature-sensitive and perishable goods significantly easier.

These isothermal containers from GEBHARDT bear the ‘made in Germany’ seal of approval and guarantee cold chain security as well as secure and stable transportation of your fresh and frozen goods. By using the GEBHARDT insulated container in standard trucks to deliver food at different temperature ranges in just one vehicle, expensive refrigerated transport or refrigerated hauliers become a thing of the past.

As the market leader in logistics solutions, GEBHARDT is your specialist partner for load carriers and efficient logistics processes. You can rely on the quality of our products!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Up to 24 hours of cold chain security
  • Cost savings
  • Secure and stable transportation of fresh and frozen goods
  • Allows combined transport of different temperature zones in one vehicle
  • Extremely light container
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to repair
  • ATP and HACCP certified for transportation of food

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From warehouse to point of sale – we guarantee cold chain security

Our Isotec® TBX isocontainer guarantees temperature-controlled transportation, ensuring your perishable foods are transported without breaking the cold chain. How does it work? Insulated external walls combined with eutectic plates (cold packs) or dry ice allow cold-store temperatures to be maintained inside the load carrier. Your goods can be transported in our insulated containers at their optimum temperature over a period of up to 24 hours without breaking the cold chain. The freshness of your foodstuffs or medicinal goods is guaranteed whilst in transit.

  • Up to 24 hours of cold chain security
  • Secure and stable transportation of fresh and frozen goods

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A special, sturdy container with long service life

We provide our containers with impact protection and bumpers as standard to avoid damage. The impact protection and bumpers are made from galvanised sheet steel and provide a stable cushion zone to prevent damage during the logistics process. These protective measures, which provide optimum protection for the container’s bodyshell from cracks or scrapes, are part of the reason for the long service life of our containers. Insulated containers are used day in, day out in logistics and should increase the efficiency of logistics processes.

  • A particularly sturdy container
  • Increases the efficiency of the logistics process for years

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Risk-free operation, secure and ergonomic handling

The ergonomic interior and exterior handles on the insulated container were developed specifically for our new Isotec® TBX range and improve handling during your logistics processes. A new plastic grip makes handling easy, as the recessed handles can be easily grasped from all sides without any danger of injuring fingers or hands. A fully loaded truck can now be quickly and safely loaded and unloaded. The insulated container can be easily grasped from all sides without any danger of injuring fingers or hands. Negotiating narrow spaces safely is not a problem either due to our inset handles. These innovative handles improve handling and thus optimise your logistics processes.

  • Ergonomic handling
  • Quick and safe logistics processes

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Easy maneuverability in narrow streets, alleys or warehouses

Our rollable Isotec® TBX insulated containers are particularly suitable for delivering to small branch stores as the fitted polyamide castors make them extremely easy to manoeuvre. These isothermal containers are available with a choice of castors with a diameter or 4.25" or 4.92". The rollable insulated containers are characterised by their maneuverability and versatility in specific applications. Like all our thermal containers, this rolling container is suitable for use in cold stores and can be used with eutectic cooling or dry ice. Are you delivering to small businesses downtown and have to complete the last stretch on foot? No problem for our rollable GEBHARDT insulated containers with swivel and fixed castors! Low-noise castors are an important feature for many of our customers, for example, when delivering downtown on gravel. Just ask us for extra-quiet castors for a range of different surfaces.

  • Easy maneuverability due to swivel and fixed castors
  • Highly stable polyamide castors

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The GEBHARDT insulated container is the lightest in its class and improves handling enormously

The aluminium profile used in our insulated containers prevents corrosive damage, improves the look of the container and improves handling due to its low mass. GEBHARDT has managed to prevent any possible ingress of water by means of a particularly smooth transition between the aluminium frame and the high-quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bodyshell. This ensures that the container cannot take on any water and thus becomes heavier. Tests in our Test and Technology Center have also shown that aluminium has the same stability and strength as other metals.

However, the most significant benefit of the aluminium profile used is that enormous weight reductions can be achieved by using this light metal. The low weight of the GEBHARDT insulated container gives you the opportunity to improve your logistics processes significantly.

  • Extremely light container
  • Optimised weight due to aluminium profile

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The Isotec TBX - one insulated container, two variants, endless possibilities

Isotec® TBX insulated containers are available in a range of variants to help optimise your logistics processes and procedures. To find the most appropriate insulated container for your logistics processes, our insulated containers are available in a range of sizes and versions.

On castors

Do you deliver to small branch stores in narrow streets but your products have to stay fresh over the last mile? Not a problem. Our rollable thermal containers make the last stretch to unloading extremely easy. Tight turns in narrow streets, alleys and corridors are not problem at all due to fitted swivel and fixed castors.

  • Easy handling
  • Easy manoeuvrability
Thermocontainer on pallet for food logistics and transport of food with safe cold chain

On pallet

Do you deliver to large stores and use materials handling equipment in your logistics procedures? In which case, the Isotec® TBX insulated container with pallet base is the right choice for you! Specifically optimised for use with material handling equipment, the GEBHARDT insulated container can be accessed from all four sides by forklift trucks and electric or hand-driven pallet jacks – perfect for use in large logistics businesses with material handling equipment.

  • With hot-dip galvanized steel pallet base
  • Perfect for use with material handling equipment


TBX on rollers (Ø 125mm) Volume Payload External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
410 410 Liter 500 kg 580 x 803 x 1806 mm 431 x 625 x 1425 mm
600 600 Liter 500 kg 757 x 818 x 1773 mm 609 x 659 x 1416 mm
725 725 Liter 500 kg 757 x 948 x 1773 mm 604 x 809 x 1407 mm
795 795 Liter 500 kg 757 x 948 x 1936.5 mm 604 x 811 x 1570 mm


TBX on pallet Volume Payload External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
900 900 Liter 700 kg 797 x 1198 x 1788 mm 611 x 1025 x 1444 mm
1000 1000 Liter 700 kg 797 x 1198 x 1888 mm 611 x 1025 x 1544 mm
1070 1070 Liter 700 kg 797 x 1198 x 1988 mm 611 x 1025 x 1644 mm
1170 1170 Liter 700 kg 797 x 1198 x 2138 mm 611 x 1025 x 1794 mm

Eutectic plates – economical and reliable cooling

You can save a significant amount of money by using our insulated containers with reusable eutectic plates instead of cooling with dry ice. The eutectic plates (cold packs) can be recooled after every journey and do not have to be replaced or thrown away. Using eutectic cooling extends possible transportation times and cold chain security by up to 24 hours. Eutectic plates manufactured by GEBHARDT are filled with a saline solution for food-safe cooling. Depending on the goods you need to transport with our insulated containers, you can choose from a range of eutectic plates with different temperature ranges. The eutectic plates, also known as cold packs, are available in a range of different melting points and sizes.

  • Cold chain security
  • Whether you need to transport frozen goods, baked goods, meats, fish, fresh goods (such as fruit or vegetables) or pharmaceutical products, our portfolio contains the right eutectic plates (cold packs)

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The Isotec® TBX - an insulated container for an extremely wide range of applications

GEBHARDT insulated containers are suitable for use in many different industries and can be used wherever perishable or temperature-sensitive goods are being transported.

Fresh and frozen goods

The GEBHARDT insulated container for transportation of fresh goods or goods from the freezer in the food retail trade.

Save money by using a thermal container instead of dry ice for food transportation

Dry ice transportation

The GEBHARDT insulated container for transportation of dry ice

The Isotec® TBX - an insulated container for market leaders in your industry

We have 190 years’ experience in the manufacture of load carriers and are proud to have strong partners and well-known customers working with us.

Mr. Koch SAL Germany GmbH

As a family company, SAL GmbH, we are specialized and certified in the repair of thermal containers. As a service provider, we have been working hand in hand with GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions GmbH for many years. The new generation of Isotec® TBX thermal containers from GEBHARDT impresses with its ease of repair. Based on many years of experience, we can say that GEBHARDT has developed the Isotec® TBX, a thermal container that, thanks to its innovative design, can support logistics processes across many industries.

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Do you have any questions about the GEBHARDT insulated container or would you like individual advice? Please feel free to contact us!

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Accessories for the Isotec TBX thermal container

Optionally, the GEBHARDT thermal container is available with various accessories and different equipment options!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions regarding GEBHARDT insulated containers

Why choose a GEBHARDT insulated container?

Our innovative and well thought out thermal container is the lightest in its class and gains approval through its extremely light weight and the ergonomic design of all its handles. From an economic and ecological perspective, our reusable containers have been designed to provide many years of efficient use.

What temperature ranges and products is the Isotec TBX suitable for?

Our containers can cope with (almost) any temperature range. They can be used to transport fresh products such as fruit or vegetables as well as frozen goods. In addition to fresh goods and goods from the freezer, our thermal containers are also used in butchers, bakeries, wholesale fish markets, catering, gastro as well as to transport dry ice. Medicinal products which require refrigerated transportation can also be transported using the Isotec® TBX without any problems. The quality and easy handling of our GEBHARDT insulated containers means they can be used in many different application areas.

What box sizes can be transported?

Standard Euro containers (e.g. E1, E2, E3) can be accommodated in every TBX size. The size of the tub has been re-engineered in our new generation of containers to make handling even easier for our customers and to increase the efficiency of their transportation processes. The internal dimensions of the container have been adapted to match common box sizes and thus allow you to transport your goods securely and efficiently.

What colours do the insulated containers come in? Can I add my company logo to the design?

Our isocontainers come as standard in blue. Obviously we can accommodate your specific colour requirements and match the bodyshell of the container to your corporate livery. Add your logo to the thermal container? No problem. We can produce your container to match your corporate identity.

What options are there for different tubs or variants on the internal design of the thermal container?

There are no limits to the flexibility of our GEBHARDT insulated containers. If you need a GEBHARDT insulated container with eutectic cooling, slide bars are almost essential to support the eutectic plates. The stable slide bars made from hot-dip galvanized steel are located at the top of our isothermal containers and can accommodate up to six eutectic plates. If you decide to include a shelf for the eutectic plates, it is inserted in the top of the container and provides support for the eutectic plates together with eutectic cooling. This type of shelf is not for use as storage: its sole function is to support eutectic plates You can cool our thermal containers with either eutectic plates or dry ice. If you decide to use dry ice cooling for your logistics processes instead of eutectic cooling, this shelf is the perfect solution for your dry ice. Further load-bearing shelves can be added as an extra storage level. Depending on the size of the container, inner tubs are available with several storage levels.

How easy are the thermal containers to repair?

As our insulated containers have a lifespan of many years, it is important to us that our insulated containers are easy to repair. We offer our customers a 24-month guarantee on purchased containers. Significant damage is, however, extremely rare due to their stable design. If you have a few minor problems with your containers despite this, any repair services will be assessed within a few days. Many components can be easily replaced due to individual seam and screw fastenings. Our focus is always on quick, customer-oriented problem solving.

What are the cleaning requirements for the insulated container?

Cleaning our containers is extremely easy. Whether by hand, with a pressure washer or in an automated washing system, dirt deposits are easily removed from our isocontainers at very little cost. The cleaning material best suited to our containers is CF315 from Calvatis which easily removes deposits without attacking the container’s tub. It also does not alter the appearance, even after multiple cleaning operations. Water ingress into the insulation layer is prevented by the container’s unique construction.

What is the duration of secure cold chain transportation? Is a tracking solution available?

The duration of cooling depends on a range of factors and cannot be categorically stated. Product composition, filling degree and precooling of the container are decisive factors for the duration of cooling. We would be happy to complete a calculation of the temperature profile specifically for you based on your data and discuss it with you further. Opening the doors frequently or leaving them open for extended periods during transportation has an effect on the temperature in the container. The number of times doors are opened and the temperature profiles this produces can be captured and documented with an intelligent tracking system from 4smartlogistics. An ideal scenario for complete digital data capture to analyse and optimise your logistics processes.

How and for how long should thermal containers be precooled?

The duration of precooling for our insulated containers depends on the goods to be transported. For fresh goods, the temperature is from 0°C to 2°C, while for frozen goods, it is between -21°C and -25°C. We recommend a precooling time of 12 to 20 hours to our customers in order to meet the high quality standards of your products. GEBHARDT insulated containers allow you to transport goods for up to 24 hours without breaking the cold chain – this is our freshness guarantee!

What are the benefits of eutectic plates compared to dry ice?

Our eutectic plates (cold packs) represent significant cost savings compared to dry ice. The eutectic plates are reusable and inexpensive to purchase. You will be amazed at the savings potential compared to dry ice. Our eutectic plates are available in a range of melting points and sizes and are therefore suitable for many different purposes in cold chain logistics.

How do eutectic plates work? How do you know how many eutectic plates to use to ensure a secure cold chain during transportation?

Here is a brief explanation of how they work: the eutectic plates (cold packs) must be deep-frozen for them to function correctly. It should be noted that the cooling capacity is only achieved if the plates are completely frozen. Freezing the eutectic plates stores cold energy. The cold is continuously released during transportation and thus prevents the internal temperature of the insulated container rising. This keeps your goods fresh for longer and you can transport your goods in a secure cold chain until the threshold temperature is reached. GEBHARDT insulated containers guarantee a secure cold chain is maintained for up to 24 hours. Our thermal specialists will happily complete a specific thermal analysis for you to determine the precise number of eutectic plates for your application and the relevant transportation time.

How long do eutectic plates have to be frozen for?

The freezing time depends on the melting point of the eutectic plates and the freezing temperature. Depending on the temperature, the freezing time can be from 15 to 21 hours. For example, a eutectic plate with a melting point of -21°C needs 19 hours to freeze completely at a temperature of -26°C. We generally recommend you select a freezing temperature at least 5°C less than the melting temperature of the eutectic plate.

What accessories are available for the thermal container?

Our insulated containers can be fitted or retrofitted at any time with a range of accessories. In addition to slide bars to support eutectic plates, we also offer individual shelves to carry goods or support eutectic plates or for cooling with dry ice. There is also an option to order containers with a tub with grooves to accommodate shelves. In addition to this, you can also supplement your order with transparent pockets, an extra lever or an external thermometer to display the internal temperature.

What certifications does the insulated container have for logistics processes and what do certifications such as ATP or HACCP mean for food transportation?

The manufacturing processes and our insulated containers are regularly certified by an external testing body of our partner DNVGL in accordance with ATP and HACCP requirements. This ensures that you can use our isocontainers to safely transport your loose and packaged foodstuffs. Our GEBHARDT insulated containers ensure foodstuffs are transported safely and to high quality standards.