Pallets with barrels in a high-bay warehouse

The GEBHARDT barrel pallet

Your versatile solution for the safe storage and transportation of liquid and free-flowing materials.

The GEBHARDT Barrel pallet

The GEBHARDT drum pallet was developed to facilitate the transportation and storage of filled drums of various sizes and weights. It is particularly useful for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and many other sectors that regularly need to handle liquids or hazardous substances. With this pallet, you can safely stack, store and transport drums without having to worry about potential spills or accidents. Unlike conventional pallets, GEBHARDT pallets have a higher load capacity and can therefore prevent major and irreparable damage from occurring quickly.

Play it safe with our GEBHARDT drum pallet and let us advise you specifically for your application!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • High load capacity
  • Durable pallet
  • Suitable as storage and transport rack
  • Individual labeling possible
  • Suitable for conveying
  • Customized design possible
Barrell pallet with a load capacity of 1,500 kg

Optimum utilisation of space with customised pallets

The GEBHARDT drum pallet enables the safe handling of drums with different diameters and heights. The pallets are designed so that they can be easily picked up by forklift trucks or other lifting devices. This speeds up the transport process considerably and minimises the risk of injury. Depending on the model and configuration, the drum pallet can easily carry loads of up to 1,500 kg. This makes it the ideal choice for transporting drums and other heavy goods in various industries.

Thanks to its high load capacity and easy handling, our drum pallet increases efficiency and reduces costs in your company. Rely on GEBHARDT pallets to handle your transport requirements with ease.

  • High load capacity
  • Easy handling

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Stable wooden pallet with four barrels and another pallet above for stacking

Your key to efficient warehouse management

With its robust construction, you can stack the drum pallet safely and stably, meaning you can make the most of your limited storage space. Whether you work in a high-bay warehouse or simply want to organise your storage space more efficiently, the GEBHARDT drum pallet offers you the flexibility you need. Thanks to its precise manufacturing, the drum pallet enables effortless removal in high-bay warehouses without any delays or problems. The pallet has been developed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty warehouse operations. It is known for its high reliability and durability. With this pallet, you minimise downtime and can rely on trouble-free operation.

Rely on the proven quality and flexibility of the GEBHARDT drum pallet to optimise your warehouse logistics.

  • Trouble-free and long-lasting operation
  • Individual labelling capability

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Barrel pallet for various applications - Stability can be checked with Pallet Express

Customised solutions for your warehouse

A particular advantage of the GEBHARDT drum pallet is the ability to check the pallet's statics using the "Palletexpress" industry software in accordance with DIN 8611. This check allows you to ensure that our drum pallet meets the highest safety standards. We also offer you a customised pallet for the various drum types. We have the right solution for you for standard drums of 30, 60, 120 and 210 litres. Another advantage of the GEBHARDT drum pallet is its suitability for use in automated warehouses. It has been specially developed for these applications and is perfectly matched to automated processes.

Use the GEBHARDT drum pallet to optimise your storage processes and make full use of your storage space potential.

  • Flexible adaptation to customised drum types
  • Suitable for automated processes

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Optimised GEBHARDT range for standard steel drums

Information about the barrel     Optimal
Volume Height Outside diameter Barrels per pallet Pallet Dimensions
Payload Article Number
30 liter 554 mm 280 mm 16 4-way system pallet, hardwood boards 1.200 x 1.200 x 135 mm 1.500 kg 7031770
60 liter 570 mm 395 mm 9 4-way system pallet, hardwood boards 1.200 x 1.200 x 135 mm 1.500 kg 7031770
120 liter 830 mm 453 mm 9 4-way system pallet, hardwood boards 1.400 x 1.400 x 135 mm 1.500 kg 7031832
210 liter 880 mm 585 mm 4 4-way system pallet, hardwood boards 1.200 x 1.200 x 135 mm 1.500 kg 7031770
216 liter 880 mm 585 mm 4 4-way system pallet, hardwood boards 1.200 x 1.200 x 135 mm 1.500 kg 7031770

*Customised versions possible depending on barrel type

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