Stainless steel tray for TBX 725&795

Your benefits at a glance

  • Catches leaking liquids during transport
  • Existing thermal containers can be retrofitted
  • Flexible integration into your logistics processes possible

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For TBX Dimensions
Tub (LxWxD)
Collection volume Material
725&795 795 x 595 x 50 mm 18 Liter Stainless steel


  • Material: Stainless steel


  • Purchase additional equipment for your TBX 725 or 795
  • Quick and easy tray insertion
  • Collecting capacity of 18 litres
  • Insert or remove depending on your needs


For our smaller TBX Seafood containers (725&795 litres), we offer the option of inserting a stainless steel tray into the container in order to be able to collect leaking liquids during transport. With the help of this tub, 18 litres of liquid can be collected. The use of an additional stainless steel tray in conjunction with our smaller standard TBX formats has the advantage that you can use existing thermal containers flexibly in your logistics processes depending on the load.

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